Introducing our brand new Zero-Waste Dish Soap!

Introducing our brand new Zero-Waste Dish Soap!

Zero-Waste dish soap! Have you ever wanted to reduce your plastic consumption only to be left with few choices for your kitchen dish soaps? We have the solution! Solid bar, zero-waste dish soap! These soaps cut the grease and rinse clean. They last for 2-3x as long as a bottle of dish soap of the same cost. 

We have 3 scents available Lemon Awaken 🍋, Ocean Rain 🌧 and a Plumeria and Jasmine 🌸

These soaps are 100% natural and made with coconut oil, castor oil, lemon and lime juice, citric acid and sodium hydroxide. We used only natural food based colorants in our dish soaps. Lemon is colored with Turmeric, Plumeria and Jasmine is colored with Beetroot powder and Ocean Rain is colored with Indigo Blue Powder.

They are formulated for use on dishes and stubborn grease, and are not safe for daily use on the body. They are formulated with 1% super fat so they would dry your skin out, but this is what helps the soap to rinse off your dishes cleanly. 

These bars DO NOT come with the brush and container set, however they are inexpensive and easily found on Amazon, to match your home decor. You can also simply use a sponge or any other dish brush you already have. Bars cost $5.99 each  

We have one set of soaps that does include a bamboo dish brush, this set includes three scents of dish soap and a dish brush and are available for $20. You can place your solid soap into any 3 inch wide ramekin or dish.

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