Our holiday gifts are now available!

Our holiday gifts are now available!

Our most luxurious gift set includes: 2x Handmade Soaps, 1x salt scrub, 1x whipped lotion, 1x solid lotion bar and 2x bath salts. This set also includes 3 soap saver dishes and bags. This set is only $65! Your gift basket will be wrapped in tulle and ready to gift! 🥰

All of these amazing products feature jojoba oil which has amazing skin nourishment properties and feels incredibly decadent on your skin. Jojoba oil is included in ALL my handmade soaps but it’s most beneficial when used in a “stay-on” product versus a “wash-off” product such as soap.

This set is great for your Mother-in-law, sister, aunt or cousin. It’s even a great gift for yourself, to give yourself a chance to try all of our products. 🌲

Please enjoy our signature scents for this season, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Sparkling Snowdrop!

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