Collection: The Simple Collection 100% Grass Fed Tallow

Introducing the Simple collection. Only 5 ingredients in the scented soaps and 3 in the unscented. These soaps are made with 100% grass fed tallow and colored with simple clays.
We have 6 scents to choose from or unscented if you prefer. The pink soap is a floral called Stylish. the blue soap has hints of peppermint and is called Frosty. The cream colored soap is scented with a lovely warm scent called Cozy. The light grey is a masculine scent called Iconic. The yellow is a vibrant orange scent called Zesty. And finally the green bar which is scented with and Irish Spring scent which we have called Lucky.
These tallow soaps are a nice size for your hand and only $4.99 a bar. The unscented bar is $3.99.