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LIMITED Kids Collection of Handmade Soaps including a Toy! Made with coconut milk and oatmeal.

LIMITED Kids Collection of Handmade Soaps including a Toy! Made with coconut milk and oatmeal.

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Introducing our brand new kids collection of handmade soaps! All of these soaps include a fun toy to play with in the tub.  We are so proud of this new collection.  This is still our same recipe, just simplified a little bit for the kiddos. 

We added in collodial oatmeal for a super gentle soap for sensitive skin.  We added in coconut milk for super creamy suds for your little ones skin. As always, we use phalate free fragrances and bind them instead with skin nourishing kaolin clay.

We have a ton of FUN kid scents to choose from! You will want to try them all! Please understand that this is an extremely limited collection and I cannot guarantee a specific animal from any set.  The toy on top of your soap is always a surprise! Thats part of the fun!

Includes a TOY!

Safari Park: a fresh fruity mix of apple, banana and other tropical fruits.

Day at the Farm: scented like the rolling hills at the farm, fresh black dirt in your garden.

Tidal Wave: a kid friendly ocean scent

Unicorn Sparkle: a young fresh floral mix that even the boys will love

Glow in the Dark Halloween: scented like a lovely halloween potion of sea salt and mermaids

Trick or Treat Halloween: scented like pumpkin pie

Holiday Cheer Christmas: scented with a kiddo friendly Christmas cheer scent, a dash of cinnamon and a little bit of frost. 

This recipe boosts a creamy soft lather that will gently cleanse your skin. This soap is meant for use as a body soap and should be used with care around your eyes, as should all soaps with fragrance.

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, Distilled H2O, Organic coconut oil, Sodium Hydroxide, avocado oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, kaolin clay, sustainably produced tussah silk, natural fragrance, natural colorants or micas. Weight 5-6oz.



All of our soaps are made with all-natural, sustainable, cosmetic-grade ingredients. Our soaps are always palm oil free! Our recipes include the following oils: Organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic coconut oil, lard, tallow, avocado oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, mango butter, grape seed oil and other specialty oils as listed. Please see your specific soap listing for exact ingredients. All of our recipes include a beneficial mix of oils, with some of our luxe bars having up to 7 oils!

We cannot make any claims as to the medical benefits of using our products, by law. However, the ingredients we choose are well known for their skin conditioning and cleansing properties. The oils we choose are moisturizing and gentle on the skin. We choose all-natural additives, including Bentonite clay and Kaolin clay which are soothing and hydrating on the skin. Sea salt as a soap additive helps the skin to absorb the beneficial moisture from the oils and allows the bar to last longer in the shower. Activated charcoal draws out impurities, detoxifies the skin and fights blemishes. Ground oatmeal is a gentle exfoliant that is incredibly calming on your skin. We also enjoy using 100% coconut milk or 100% goats milk (from our own family farm!) to make our soaps more creamy. Whatever your skin-care desires, we have a handmade soap to fulfill your needs.

Shipping & Returns

Shipped by prioirty mail within 2 business days. We accept returns/exchanges of unused product. Please contact us for RMA.


Our soaps are all handmade and hand cut. They weigh anywhere from 4-5 ounces but will vary in color, size and pattern. We make our soaps in small batches of 15-20 soaps at a time so they will vary slightly by batch.

Care Instructions

Rub soap all over body until dirt is removed. Rinse thoroughly, repeat as needed.

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